County of Castelyn

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Royal County of Castelyn
Motto: Valor ۞ Diplomacy ۞ Unity
Banner of Castelyn
Banner of Castelyn
Seat Somerset
Government County
• Princess of Ashland, Countess of Castelyn
Sersei Kimura
• Steward - Royal
Legislature Government of Castelyn
The Ministry
The Briar Council
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Castelyn is one of the oldest Counties in the Kingdom, having been founded before the Kingdom Of Ashland, by the ancient House Thorne. As the story goes, House Thorne would not swear fealty to the first King Kimura, rebelling against the newly formed Kingdom. House Thorne despised House Kimura, and attempted to declare their independence.

In response his majesty sent the Ashborne (His elite royal military), as well as his Lord-General Aeson Holf to the County. This move caused the citizenry to rebel against House Thorne which made the family's position untenable. The Ashborne and General Holf led a three week-long campaign, effectively destroying the County, and inciting a civil war in the region.

As House Thorne's military fell, and the County's coffers were spent, the family would attempt to flee the then capital of Vinehurst; but there was no escape. The General and his soldiers, following the King's command, were to make an example of House Thorne, and that they would do. Vinehurst was burned to the ground, with all members of House Thorne becoming the example of 'Fire & Ash'.

The fires of the region would linger, and the ground was made black for a time after. But from the ashes, a new would be born. House Kimura built upon the the grounds of Vinehurst, a new capital of Somerset; and entrusted the second born of his line to lead the region. Lord-General Holf, and his kin, were given their own lands to lead; in return House Holf would be a protectors of Castelyn, and reap benefit.

Ever since, House Kimura has held a longstanding partnership with House Holf. The current lord, Count Negnar Holf of Thedris is sworn protector of Castelyn and her highness, Princess Sersei Kimura, Countess of Castelyn.


Princess Sersei


The Princess Of Ashland is the current sovereign of the Royal County Of Castelyn. Daughter of King & Queen Kimura, the princess leads as Countess of the region; and has the complex duty of being a representative of the crown, and also a ruler in her own right. As Countess, Sersei oversees the Government of Castelyn, and heads the Briar Council. It is her duty, with the assistance of her mayors and ministers, to make sure the government and its people flourish.

The Countess, with her authority on the Briar Council, can make law, budgets, and create resolutions. She also has the power to veto any law she deems unwise. In addition to her powers on the council, Sersei can remove any administrative positions, or replace advisors as she sees fit. However, unless the Countess finds a position is ineffective or the person filling that position is ineffective, removal is unlikely.

Aside from her duties as Countess, as Princess Of Ashland, Sersei is a representative of the crown. This means she will have duties and responsibilities aside from serving as sovereign of Castelyn. Whether those responsibilities take the Princess out of the County regularly or not, will be determined by the needs of the royal family. Due to this, Sersei has established the position of Steward-Royal and appointed her most trusted advisor to the role. The Steward-Royal acts as Regent and holds the governing authority as established by the Countess.

Though Princess Kimura will not always be in the County, she holds her role of Countess with great regard. She is a lady of the people, known simply as the ‘Rose Of Ashland’, for her role as a diplomat, and philanthropist for the Kingdom. She is also an avid hostess, and through her event planning society, hosts galas, festivals, and many different events in Castelyn. To describe the Princess, you could use many different phrases or words but she is simply ‘ A noble woman with a heart like a rose; delicate, beautiful, and surrounded by thorns’.


The Steward-Royal is a humble servant of the county of Castelyn. They serve as the overseer of the County with a simple duty to assure the County remains united and strong. When the Countess cannot be in her County, the Steward-Royal serves in her place. It is of their duty to make sure that the Countess always has a safe home to return to. Their duty to grow prosperity in Castelyn should be the leading force for every decision the steward makes.

The Steward-Royal oversees the Ministry, and holds the power to temporarily suspend the power of a Minister. It is the duty of the steward to lead the Ministry, and to aid in their efforts to guide the County. The steward understands the roles of each Minister, and has a duty to assure that they do not stray from their roles, nor fail them.

While the Steward-Royal is the steward to the county of Castelyn, they are the serving hand to the princess of the Ashlands. The steward must be ready to evolve and grow, as the circumstances revolving the Countess change. They must be ready to follow not only the needs of the County, but the needs of the Countess. The Steward-Royal is more than a servant to Castelyn, but a shield that serves to protect the Countess.

It is a tradition of Castelyn for every steward to select a venue or path for which they would better the County. Stewards in the past have selected to become diplomatic envoys of the Countess, or to oversee a specific industry in Castelyn. It is this variation in which the steward decides upon that separates previous stewards from the acting one.



The Ministry

Governing Body Of Castelyn

The Ministry is the governing body of Castelyn. The Ministry contains various departments that are vital to the running of the County on a day to day basis. The Minister Of Treasury oversees the County Vault. Collecting taxes and managing finances for the County. The Minister Of Justice handles law enforcement. Maintaining the peace for the County, through capturing criminals, and prosecuting them at the Courthouse Of Castelyn. The Minister Of State handles diplomacy for the County. As well as serves as archivist and cultural expert at the County Embassy.

Each Minister is vital on their own, but they require close collaboration to be successful. The various Ministers may be required to share information between their departments, and work together on important matters of the County. The Ministers will work with County Budgets, passed by the Briar Council, and allocate funds to specific projects and programs as needed.

The Steward - Royal serves the Ministry as its’ head. Working as the chief administrator and an extension of the Countess herself, The Steward - Royal handles various roles and works closely with the other Ministers to make Castelyn run smoothly.

The Briar Council

Lawmaking Body Of Castelyn

The Briar Council is the lawmaking body of Castelyn. It is the duty of all on the Council to bring issues to the table, debate, and make law. This Council will be responsible for passing general County budgets; such as investing into education, law enforcement, or infrastructure. Members will be required to make difficult decisions on the legality of certain actions and/or practices within the County.

The Council is made up of the Mayors of Castelyn, each holding a single votes on issues. The Council is also made up of The Ministry. The three Ministers of the County, are there to advise the Mayors, as well as cast a single vote among the three on issues. If they cannot agree on their vote, they cede their vote to the Steward-Royal, who will vote for them.

The Countess serves as the head of the council, and has the power to veto any and all measures she views unwise. She can bring up her own issues, propose law, and so on. In her absence, or at her request, the Steward-Royal can serve in her stead.