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DISCLAIMER: Any and all information on this page is pure lore, theorycrafting, or conjecture and is subject to change through the games (Chronicles of Elyria) development. Do not view this information as accurate representation of the games features or mechanics.'

Grand County of Loc’Mir
Flag of Loc’Mir
County Coat of Arms of Loc’Mir
Flag County Coat of Arms
The Grand Capital of Vlans
The Grand Capital of Vlans
Seat Vlans
Official languages Common Elyrian, Old Balthan (Extinct)
Ethnic groups Neren, Brudvir
Religion Qindred, Cult of Sanctaphandri
Demonym Sanctaphandrian
Government Feudal Monarchy, Limited Parliamentarianism
• Count
Kolvan Isendale
Kadian Karstein
Voxxon Isendale
Legislature The Tribunal, High Council, County Council
Major Events
• Sanctaphandri is born
43 ED
• The Grand Duchy is declared
61 ED
• Loc’Mir joins Sanctaphandri
65 ED


The Grand County of Loc’Mir is a vassal county located within the duchy of Sanctaphandri, within the Kingdom of Ashland. The landscape of the county is unknown. It is unknown who it borders currently. It is comprised of three counties, making one of the largest counties within the duchy.

Loc’Mir has a limited parliamentary style of governance, the current Grand Count is Kolvan Isendale. The capital of the County and its largest city is Vlans.


Loc’Mir was once a thriving but small Kingdom in and of itself, belonging to a culture named Insular Hisae. In 3ED an invading force called The Balthians, led a massive conquest against the scattered kingdoms of the region, that led to the creation of an organized civilization now termed the Old Balthian Empire, though in contemporary times it was called Balthiyria. After several attempts to repel the invaders, Loc’mir was mostly destroyed and the Royal family killed or enslaved. King Durthren Isendale escaped captivity and gathered his forces from his only few remaining settlements. Joining with a woman named Dianysis, Loc’Mir successfully won its independence and pledged fealty to House Seleucrei, and what was to become the Duchy of Sactaphandri, remaining a loyal vassal to this day.

Information on Loc’Mir

Symbols of the County:

  • Primary Colors: Black, Red
  • Secondary Colors: White

Motto: Salva - Fortis - Fideles

Meaning: Unbroken – Strong – Loyal, these are the guiding principles of the County and set the tone for its citizenry.


The Councils act on behalf of the Count to ensure the general protection, welfare, and advancement of the people of the County. The government is divided into three main branches, Civic, Military, and Judicial. Legitimate rule of law derives from the Tribunal and is embodied by the person of the Count or, the ruler of the County.

The Tribunal:

The highest legislating body of the County and the deciding vote on whether a proposed bill becomes law, The Tribunal consists of the Count, Margrave, and Cohortes Urbanae.

The High Council:

Every baron or mayor in the county is automatically a member of the High Council. This legislative house can propose new legislation in the form of bills, debating on and refining bills, and ultimately proposing these bills to the Tribunal for review.

The County Council:

Every Settlement in the County is allowed and encouraged to have its own governing body. This will be citizens of that settlement that are under direct control of the Baron or Mayor. Visiting Gentry or those that have not sworn to the Baron or Mayor, will not be able to have a seat on the County Council. Each Settlement is allowed 2 representatives elected by the Gentry. These representatives will be responsible in bringing matters of concern to the Baron or Mayor.

Rights of the Barons & Mayors:

Serving as the foundation of protection of the noble classes' privileges in their personal demesne from the excesses of the Tribunal Government and the Count, all Barons & Mayors are protected by these rights.

  • Right to Sovereignty: Barons & Mayors have the right to legislate and execute all law in their domains, independent of their peers, insofar as this respects the rights of the citizenry and does not conflict with county law in areas prescribed under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.
  • Right to Patronage: As the patron liege lord of Loc’Mir County, the Count guarantees the sanctity of the Barons & Mayors titles and lands from all threats, inside and out, by the force of his arms and the power of his station such that an attack on them is equivalent to an attack on the Count's own person and station.

Rights of the Citizenry:

Serving as the foundation of protections of citizens of the County from the excesses of the Tribunal, High Council Governments, and the Count, all citizens of the County are protected by these rights.

  • Right to Life: Citizens have the right to not be killed or gravely injured by another Mann except for reasons of the administration of justice and in accordance with the forms established by law.
  • Right to Fair Trial: In matters of the administration of justice, citizens shall be afforded the right to a public hearing by a competent and impartial jury and to legal counsel on the laws of the county, duchy and kingdom.
  • Right to Estate: Citizens have the right to own property alone and in association with their peers. No citizen shall be arbitrarily deprived of their property except for reasons of explicit public interest and in accordance with the forms established by law.
  • Right to Wayfare: Citizens have the liberty to travel and reside in any part of the county insofar as this respects the rights of other citizens and to leave the county and to return to it at any time.
  • Right to Expression: In matters of public discourse, citizens possess the freedom to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship insofar as their actions respect the rights of other citizens and subject only to limitations on libel, slander, extreme obscenity, and the incitement of crime.


The culture of Loc’Mir is described as resembling ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. As a role-play themed County, parts of the region will have different flavors but none are required to participate.

Lore & Stories

A main theme will be a local folk cult centering around the sacrifice of the Patron Saint Lady Sanctaphandri and slight reverence towards her (this cult will NOT be forced on members). If you are interested in contributing to the lore of the County or adding in your own story the Count is more than willing to work with citizens on this.

Settlements of Loc'Mir County

Military Units

Guilds, Orders & Organizations

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