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"Boys often march out to war, however, only men return. Stroke the fire in your bellies lads. Those that stand on the other side of this field, wish harm to you and your families. Show them that we will not go quietly into the night, but we will fight! Look the devil in the eyes, as you ram your lance through his guts!" - Kolvan Isendale, before the Battle of the River Nyth 797ED

Count Kolvan Isendale; Patriarch of House Isendale, husband of Lady Erysa Isendale, and Lord of Vlans, Capital of the County of Loc'Mir within the Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri under Grand Duke Ambrosius VI Seleucrei, in the Kingdom of Ashland under the benevolent rule of King Sev Kimura.

Kolvan Isendale
Kolvan Isendale.png
Full Name Kolvan Isendale
Aliases The Dark Wolf, Lord of Vlans
Gender Male
Title(s) Count of Loc'Mir, Lord of Vlans,
Family Name House Isendale
Spouse(s) Erysa Isendale, Lady of Vlans
Religion Qindred
Nationality Ashlander



Height: 6’5"

Weight: 300 lbs (approx.)

Hair: Blad, Maintains a small beard.

Color: Raven-Black

Skin: Dark Tan

Eyes: Hazel with a hint of red tint

Standing at over six foot, Kolvan looks like a moving Mountain. His extremely broad shoulders, and well-muscled arms show a life of military dedication. He favors black armor during combat and much to his wife’s frustration, throughout most of his wardrobe as well.

Besides his intimidating physical appearance, Kolvan, carries a scar along his left eye and cheek. He received it when he was a child of 8. His brother’s and he were down at the beach in Magpie’s Perch, playing Dragon and Knights, when another child had asked to join them, thinking that they would show this kid who the boss truly was, they agreed and then pointedly made the new comer the Dragon and charged with wooden sticks raised.

The child moved like nothing the boys had ever seen before, and before Kolvan could react, his stick was yanked from his hands, and was bashing him along the face, knocking him into unconsciousness. He never forgot that important lesson: Always expect the unexpected, and never underestimate a girl.

Personal Motto

“Per mortem, nos transcendere” (Through Death, we Transcend)


Socially awkward, and rigid in public, Kolvan is never more at home than on a Battle field. He is a brilliant Tactician, and master strategist, and enjoys deep conversations with other Military minded people.


A genetic marker has been passed down through the Isendale line for several generations. The last known descendant to display the effects of the marker, prior to Kolvan, was Kolvan’s ancestor Altiris Isendale.

The Marker effects the barer by increasing their strength, speed and agility, but lowers their ability to protect themselves, causing them to throw caution to the wind and rush into battle at the slightest provocation. Seeming to grow in size, others have begun calling it the Berserk Curse.


The Order of the Wolf are mounted shock troops. Armed with heavy lances, and shield, the Order has become famed throughout the County, as having the best trained Calvary unit in the kingdom.

While preferring mounted combat, Kolvan understands that during the heat of battle, (especially with his particular affliction), mounted combat might not always be possible. Using a massive two-handed Bastard sword in one hand, Kolvan has become quite adept with the Sword and Shield styled combat.


  • Kolvan Isendale (Patriarch)

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