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"Ours is the Glory!"


The Vale of Vainglory, commonly shortened to just The Vale, consists of lands situated near the heart of Ashland within the Royal Duchy of Ignis. Since its founding, the Vale has been ruled by the nobles of House Kymerion leading for generations from their ancestral seat, the city of Prince Albion. The culture of the Vale and the outlook of its citizens has been inspired greatly by the legends and fables of its founder, a man once notorious for his vanity and ambition and the wealth he came to possess.

About the Vale

The Vale is intended to be a land of pageantry and spectacle characterized best as a cross between the culture of the historical European Renaissance and style of the fictional Capital District (as portrayed in Hunger Games). It is a place where vanity is commonly viewed as a province of virtue, where beauty in appearance, in art, in crafts is highly prized and where achievements in trades, in professions, in politics are highly rewarded. Citizens of the Vale colorfully refer to themselves as Vainglorians, and collectively as the The Vainglorious, an honorific that Lords of the Vale have also been known to adopt throughout the centuries. To Vainglorians, beauty in all things is sublime and achievement is the passage to self perfection, and so once in a vainglorious year, these aspects of their virtue are formally celebrated in an event known as The Vanity Fair.

Bastards born in the Vale are given the surname Valentine and are viewed as children of passion with no rights of inheritance, unless expressly awarded them by their head of house.

Presently, Count Constantine Kymerion is the Lord of the Vale and head of the ruling noble house.

Aristocrats interested in establishing a settlement within the Vale are invited to petition the Count (Sintax via Discord).

Gentry interested in seeking investment and/or support for an organization within the Vale are invited to petition the Count (Sintax via Discord).


The history of the Vale is a mosaic of fantastic tales and true events. While historians and scholars of the Vale don't truly know the full extent of the embellishments to its history, there is agreement on one singular fact; that the Vale has always been ruled by one noble family.

According to the prevailing historical record, the Vale of Vainglory was founded by Jordayne Valmont, a famously handsome baron reputed for his self obsessions and a sworn vassal of the first monarch of Ashland who ascended the throne through conquest. As is custom, Jordayne was awarded patents of nobility by the new monarch granting him lands and title within the kingdom, a process by which defeated lords are stripped of their power and supporters elevated in their place, choosing at that time to adopt the noble surname Kymerion and becoming the first of his line to rule the Vale. Since that time, the line of succession within the Vale has remained unbroken and can be traced to the present day Lord of the Vale, Count Constantine Kymerion.

The etymological history of the surname Kymerion is believed to have its origins in ancient mythology. Specifically, the legends of the fabled fire breathing lion — the Chimera — the very beast blazoned upon the Kymerion crest, with the deliberate deviation in spelling accepted as a symbol of the royal Kimura bloodline to which the House is pledged.

According to the alleged historical record, Jordayne was an accomplished swordsman and strategist, serving in the vanguard during much of the War of Conquest and commanding his own regiment to an uninterrupted string of heroic victories during the final campaign, a stretch that saw much of Ashland burned by Dragonfire and that inspired the naming of the new kingdom. Many present day academics contest the veracity of the historical accounts involving dragons, citing the lack of any archeological evidence supporting the existence of the mythical creatures in Elyria.

But the legends and fables of the progenies of House Kymerion, from the time of the War of Conquest and beyond, are some of the most beloved stories within the Vale. Among the most revered is the story of Prince Albion, eldest son and heir of Jordayne, for whom the seat of House Kymerion was named. Prince Albion was, by all accounts, a blessed child, gifted with all the attributes admired by Vainglorians — intellect, wisdom, strength, beauty and above all else vanity — forged together with an ambition destined for greatness. But this story among others are tales best left for a later telling.

What You Can Expect

Our allegiance to the Royal Duchy makes the Vale part of the cultural and political hub of the kingdom, a place where every noble, aristocrat, gentry and commoner is a part — knowingly or not — of the web of influence surrounding the crown.

To the extent we can encourage a specific focus, there will be an earnest effort to establish a center for craftsmanship within the Vale and to facilitate that through careful resource management, growth and trade negotiations. And while players have the freedom to forge their own lives and legends, what's encouraged above all else is for everyone to attempt to truly excel in their chosen professions. Here in the Vale, you will undoubtedly find it more rewarding to do so.

A Closer Look

Count Constantine Kymerion, Lord of the Vale
The Vanity Fair — Masquerade
The Vanity Fair — Dining & Entertainment
The Vanity Fair — Jousting

The following sections offer a more detailed look at the Vale of Vainglory and some of the most prominent aspects of it.

The Vanity Fair

The Vanity Fair is an annual exposition held within the Vale as a sacrament to vainglory. It is sometimes euphemistically called The Honor Fair among the humble-born beyond the Vale, an event dedicated to the celebration of great beauty and achievement. At its heart however, the Vanity Fair is understood to be a contest through which the individual qualities celebrated within the Vale are encouraged and rewarded. Individuals compete in venues ranging from combat to crafting to the arts, and as the most prominent social event of the calendar year in the Vale, nobles and aristocrats, gentry and commoners can all be found in attendance to watch and regale in the spectacle of the fair.

People from all over the kingdom are invited to participate in the Vanity Fair and to come fashion a name for themselves. While participation always raises the profiles and fortunes of its participants, the worthiest of contestants — those who demonstrate something remarkable — can earn a tribute from the Lord of the Vale at his choosing. Such prizes have been known to take the form of a purse, a deed, some land or even a coveted position to elevate one's standing. And sometimes perhaps something more befitting the victor, if they command fate to smile upon them.

Titles & Positions

Some of the more notable paid positions we hope to offer within the game:


The First Official of the House and highest ranking officeholder. The Steward is responsible for running the day-to-day affairs of the castle in the absence of the ruling lord and usually someone with proven administrative ability in whom trust can be suitably placed. The Steward is most often a blood relation and sometimes a sworn sword with a history of loyal and honorable service to the House.


The Second Official of the House. The Chancellor is responsible for dealing with domestic and foreign affairs and usually someone with extensive knowledge of the law and legal system.


The Third Official of the House. The Prefect is responsible for all matters involving security and defense, including looking after equipment, organizing the guard, and making sure that subordinates are properly trained. The Prefect is always someone chosen from the martial ranks sworn to the House with combat and command experience.

Master of the Hunt

The Fourth Official of the House. The Master of the Hunt is responsible for all matters connected with the stables, kennels and aviaries, including the management (breeding and care) of the animals. This official is expected to be skilled in equitation and well educated in the breeding and care of a variety of animals.


The Vale of Vainglory is part of the feudal hierarchy of Ashland. As such, all authority over the lands and its people is vested in the Lord of the Vale — the ruling Count — and those he has appointed as his official representatives.

Advisory Council

The Count may convene an advisory council as necessary to discuss legal matters that arise and for proclamations of war. All mayors will be invited to attend on these occasions and to be involved in deliberations.

Municipal Rights

Mayors and village elders are permitted to establish and enforce their own municipal laws and may petition the Count to seek redress of any grievances or request changes to county statutes.

Law & Order

To enforce the laws of the Vale and mete out justice as required, we hope to offer the following paid positions to be filled by appointment:


The Sheriff is charged with enforcing the law and has the power to deputize others to act on his behalf. Typically, at least one deputy is appointed per settlement to help maintain law and order, though mayors and village elders can petition for more aid as required.

Justices of the Peace

Also known as Magistrates, Justices of the Peace are civilian judges appointed to a bench to preside over disputes, determine guilt and administer justice via sentencing. A bench always consists of 3 magistrates, an odd number that ensures judgements can always be reached.


The wealth of the Vale comes predominantly from valuable natural minerals deep within the earth, from mining these resources and forging them into valuable products that feed into the commerce and trade of the Royal Duchy, particularly arms and armor necessary for the defense of the kingdom and the fine accoutrements worn by fashion-minded nobility.

The most common professions within the Vale are those involving manufacturing, arts & entertainment, and scholarly pursuits:

Arms & Armor

... Blacksmith — Smelting ore into ingots and basic metal works.
... Weaponsmith — Crafting weapons requiring metal works.
... Armorsmith — Crafting armor requiring metal works.
... Fletcher — Crafting arrows and bolts.
... Bowyer — Crafting longbows and crossbows.
... Tanner — Crafting armor requiring leather works and non-metallic materials.
... Miner — Harvesting mineral resources deep within the earth.


... Tailor — Crafting clothing, typically from non-leather and non-metallic materials.
... Jeweler — Crafting fine accessories typically made by embedding gems and precious stones within elegant metal frames.
... Architect — Crafting structures.
... Carpenter — Crafting furniture.


... Alchemist — Crafting poisons and tonics.
... Healer — A science based medical practitioner.
... Herbalist — Crafting herbal remedies.

Dining & Entertainment

... Proprietor — Taverns, innkeeps and barkeeps.
... Courtesan — Male and female escorts.
... Artists — Fine arts and performing arts.

Sport & Security

... Falconer — Breeding, training and caring for hunting falcons.
... Horse Breeder — Breeding, training and caring for horses best suited for fox hunting, racing and showing. To a lesser extent, horses bred and trained for war.
... Dog Breeder — Breeding, training and caring for hounds used for fox hunting and guarding.


The least common professions within the Vale are those in the agricultural realm.

Cities, Towns & Settlements

Prince Albion (Capital/County Seat)


Schools, Guilds & Associations

Within the Vale, organizations devoted to education and higher learning will be eligible to receive financial aid via academic endowments.

Promethean Ventures

Grimworth Academy

— School of Mining
— School of Smithing

The Magisterium

— College of Divinity
— College of Healing
— College of Mages

Recruitment: Mayors, Proprietors & Land Owners

... Are you a mayor in search of a settlement to run?

... Are you a proprietor with plans to run your own shop?

... Are you a player interested in owning some land?

If you're interested in starting your story in the Vale of Vainglory, please contact the Count (Sintax via Ashland Discord).